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Remedy Facial

A comprehensive, deeply nourishing facial that will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured and empowered, inside and out. Our remedy facials are tailored to your unique skin type, allowing you to focus on specific skin concerns. 

"A little sanctuary from everyday busyness. Little Company is a space that always makes me feel supported and deeply nurtured, reminding me to prioritise my well-being physically, mentally and spiritually." - Yoko Inoue, Shoku Iku

From $189.00

Treatment features:

- Personalised and flexible
-Previously 'A little Tailored' Facial
- Suitable for all skin type + includes our signature massage
- Extraction  may be included at your therapist discretion


Ritual Facial

A unique facial experience designed to renew much more than your skin. Using multiple enhancements, massage techniques, soundscapes, and scents , our ritual facials will harmonise your mind, body, heart and soul.

"A 90minute ritual with Little Company is pure bliss for your skin, body & mind. From the powerfully natural products they use to the scent, the sound & the all consuming zen that filters through the room, it's honestly as if your entire soul is nourished with calming goodness." - Elyse Knowles

From $249.00

Treatment features:

- More consistent and curated
- Previously 'a whole lot of love' facial's
- Includes deeper eastern modalities and intensive facial, hand, foot + scalp massage


LED Light Room

20 minutes between meetings or on your lunch break is all you need to experience the rejuvenating powers of light therapy.

Please read the FAQs before booking here.

From $20.00

Bridal Treatments

After an initial consultation with one of our Living Skin specialists, we will tailor our treatments to what you will specifically need for your special day.

From $200.00