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Remedy At-home Facial Pack

Remedy At-home Facial Pack

Brand: Little Company

Each kit is carefully selected, packed and sent after your consultation.
  1. Customised skin formulation, enough for 4 facials.
  2. A written prescription on how to apply, with video content.
  3. Jade roller.
  4. Mixing bowl + brush.
  5. Moku face cloth.
  6. A facial headband.
  7. 4x tissue wrapped Subtle Bodies Incense sticks to burn while completing the facial.
  8. 4x Skin teas formulated for your skin type.
  9. Breathing exercise.
  10. Little company facial playlist + guided meditations.

*NOTE - Please note that all of our At-Home Facial Packs are carefully packed in Melbourne on Friday's. Due to AusPost delays, please be patient as we do our best to ensure your order gets to you as quickly and safely as possible. The Ritual Facial Pack is low allergen, if you have any known alllergies to aromatherapy oils we suggest a Remedy experience.

Remedy At-home Facial Pack

Remedy At-home Facial Pack
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