Mineral Mask Trio

Mineral Mask Trio

Brand: MV Organics


Perfect for mask lovers and those with diverse skin conditions. An essential skin salvation and preparation kit for all concerns & events.

The set contains:

  • Mask brush for easy blending & seamless application
  • 30g Energising Mineral Mask
  • 30g Signature Mineral Mask
  • 30g Purifying & Balancing Mask
  • Card insert with mask details

Signature Mask - Soothe * Strenghten * Refine - for all skins including sensitive

Energising Mask - Soften * Energise * Refine - for tired, stressed + sun-damaged skins

Purifying & Balancing Mask - Purify * Balance * Refine - for oily, congested + blemish-prone skins

A wonderful mineral drink from the outside-in. These masks exfoliate, purify, re-energise and increase cellular oxygenation to transform your skins texture and create a healthy glow.

Mineral Mask Trio

Mineral Mask Trio
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