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A Little Company
dedicated to living skin.

We believe your skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside.

It’s something a lot of people talk about.
It’s not something a lot of people think about.
We obsess over it.

Which is why we take an integrated approach.
We trust living ingredients, both in and on the skin.
We believe in sustainable practices, and results.

After years in the industry our focus has settled.
We are all about the face.

We are a little company with time just for you.
To pause, repair, escape, reset, and nourish.

How can we help?

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From farm to face.

We understand skin is a living, breathing organism. So for us, there’s no question: we need to know exactly what we’re feeding our skin, and why. After a lot of research and experience we have carefully selected a small range of products from trusted sources. We have personal relationships with all of our suppliers, and know our products inside and out. So if you have any questions about what we’re suggesting, please ask us — we know a little education goes a long way.




Outside In.

We believe in beauty and skincare as an ongoing ritual, and a constantly evolving process. Our goal is to educate women on how their skin works and reacts, so that they understand what they can do every day to feel beautiful in the skin they’re in. Our treatments range in focus, from relaxing to correcting, and serve as an informative step in an ongoing routine that you can practice every day at home.

What does your skin need?

A whole lot of love.

Recovery, Warmth, Time. Three facials that give back what your everyday takes away. What better way to say thanks to you or someone else.

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A Little Recovery

Healing & Rhythmical
MV Organics · 60 minutes

A nurturing facial that will reenergise the skin and soul. Energetic healing properties make it an ideal facial to promote a deep state of relaxation.

Need to Know: Just for you, just from us. Offered by only 8 therapists in the world, this facial is particularly suited to those with sensitive and reactive skins, including rosacea, eczema and PCOS.


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A little Warmth

Warming & Infusing
Sodashi · 75 minutes

An instant boost of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from Sodashi’s exclusive thermal mask. An instant, natural face lift.

Need to know: Not suitable for irritated or reactive skin. If you are claustrophobic we suggest talking to us about this treatment first.


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A little time

Graceful & Anti-aging
Sodashi · 90 minutes

Sodashi’s pinnacle creation: the absolute. A restorative, Ayurvedic anti-aging facial for maturing skin. Rose-quartz crystal gives back what the years have taken away: hydration, firmness, and a youthful glow.

Need to know: Not suitable for irritated or reactive skin. If you are claustrophobic we suggest talking to us about this treatment first.


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A problem, solved.

Brighten, Awaken, Lighten. Corrective treatments with specific results in mind.

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A little Light

Focussed & Repairing
Heallite II · 30 minutes

A targeted LED, ‘ happy’ light treatment that treats the skin from within by stimulating blood flow at a cellular level, targeting sensitive, problematic and maturing skin.

Need to know: Latest technology from the creator of Omnilux. For best results LED is recommended twice a week for 4 weeks.

$109 or $40 (as add-on) Heallite programme 8 + sessions $69 each ($552)

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A little Awakening

Intensive & Boosting
O cosmedics · 45 minutes

A dose of pomegranate, pumpkin, papaya and other plant enzymes provide an instant wake up, leaving even the most tired of faces feeling fresh and new.

Need to know: Not suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. This oxygenating peel is ideal the day of an event.


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A little Brighter

Lighten & Even
O cosmedics · 45 minutes

A facial made for uneven skin tone and pigmented skin. Rich in, natural fruit acids and peptides, it stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production for brighter, hydrated, and even skin.

Need to know: Not suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. This brightening peel is ideal weeks leading up to an event.


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A little bit of everything.

Direction, Tailoring. Something for everyone.

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A little Learning

Educational & Directional
Sodashi, MV Organics, O cosmedics
45 minutes

A first step on the path to better skin. Amongst all the noise and conflicting advice, we simplify your skincare with an initial consultation, followed by a facial tailored to your skin’s needs. You will walk away with an in-depth understanding of your skin to help you continue down your new path

Need to know: Suitable to all skin types. Please bring all your beauty products to your treatment for evaluation.


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A little tailored

Personalised + Flexible
Sodashi, MV Organics, O cosmedics
30, 60, 75, 90 minutes

A blend of Sodashi, MV Organics, and O Cosmedics products allow us to create a facial just for your skin, at every stage, treating a wide range of concerns.

Need to know: Suitable for all skin types. Our most popular treatment and gift voucher purchase. Extractions optional.

$109, $169, $189, $219

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A little prep.

Long course facials in the lead up for your big day.

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A Little Preparation

Development + Guidance
Sodashi, MV Organics, O cosmedics, LED
3/6 months | 45 minutes

A 3-6 month program that preps skin for your big day. Knowing that good things take time, your treatment plan will include regular appointments as well instructions for at-home treatments so that we can work consistently towards beautiful skin.

Need to know: Your first app will include an initial consultation followed by a facial tailored to your skin’s needs. We will then carefully develop a plan together to include a combination of facials, Peels, LED and internals.

Initial $129

(ongoing price dependent on plan)

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Inside out.

Your skin is part of an ecosystem. While it makes intuitive sense, many women don’t fully understand the effects your nutrition and mental state can have on your skin. We’ve partnered with like minded wellness advocates to provide nutritional living juices, elixirs, and superfood herbs and powders to compliment our skin treatments and maintain our little manifesto of beauty, inside out.



Get in touch.

We’re on a little street, in a small neighbourhood. So naturally, parking on Stephenson St is limited. However, for a small fee and a short walk, you can find ample parking on Gwynne St. Click here for more info.

Opening Hours
Mon 11-7
Tues-Wed-Thur 10-8
Fri 10-6
Sat 9-4
Sun 11-4

We’re dedicated to educating and sharing. So if you have any questions, please, pick up the phone, or write us a letter. We want our little company to continue to grow.

79 Stephenson Street
Cremorne VIC 3121

+61 3 9421 1293


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