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A natural skincare journey to guide you into your wedding day.

Discover your exclusive pre-wedding skincare journey. A uniquely considered approach to get you prepared for your big day.

A Little Wedding
1. Routine

A little education to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Start your journey with a Living Skin consultation. Through A Little Education, our Living Skin specialists will curate your homecare regime. This step builds the foundations of your treatment moving forward. Our therapists investigate your skin under light and through an introductory facial to guide a treatment plan. We take into consideration how much time we have to reach your skin goals, as well as trial which products your Living Skin type is responding well to. You will leave with a complimentary MV Signature Mineral Mask to start your journey.

2. Rhythm

Outlining your treatment plan.

Following A Little Education, we implement a treatment plan based on your timeline and desired results. This is usually a combination of skin touch therapy and LED light therapy sessions as we find both treatments work synergistically in achieving the desired results. In this phase, our therapists set up a rhythm for your skin to feel naturally supported.

3. Remedy

Tailored treatments in the lead-up to your wedding day.

Through our tailored Remedy facials, our Living Skin specialists are designed to support your Living Skin type. The intention behind the Remedy Facial is to provide a comprehensive and deeply restorative treatment to unwind and empower you. When in synergy with LED Light Therapy, real results can be achieved. Upon reaching our final week, we replace our Remedy facial with our Ritual treatment–a 90 minute meditative treatment to harminoise your mind, body and soul. Our Ritual facials have a focus on relaxation and hydration to keep the skin glowing on your big day.

4. Ritual

Our complimentary self-care practices are there to guide your health and in turn, your skin.

Here, we provide a ritual for breathwork and meditation throughout treatments and in the post-therapy phase, as well as tools to assist in grounding you through the journey. We dedicate this phase to the research behind the Mind-Skin axis, which tells us that reduction of stress in the mind contributes to the health and function of our skin.

Why our Living Skin therapists recommend a clean skincare plan with noninvasive procedures

A Little About Us

At Little Company, we believe your skin is a reflection of your internal and external environment. We offer a focused approach to our body’s largest organ through curated facial therapy beyond product. Our tailored treatment plans are there to support your skin as an extension of your body and considers diet, products, and lifestyle vital elements in achieving optimal skin health.

Little Company was established by Stacey Burt over 6 years ago with studios in Cremorne, Victoria and Byron Bay, NSW. Stacey has brought together a well-educated, mindful team of practitioners that treat beyond skin. Our Living Skin therapists have education backgrounds from beauty therapy to dermal science and skin nutrition, undergoing further studies and training in our Living Skin approach – to achieve optimal skin function and integrity through nature’s resources whilst cultivating an energetic space for healing.

Our purpose is to treat the skin as a living organ. We hero nature’s remedies to heal the skin and have created a range of treatments that are guided by our philosophy.

The Treatment Plan

In the months leading up to your day, our Living Skin therapists will guide you through a non-invasive, clean treatment plan curated for your unique skin.

We choose this approach to address underlying skin concerns holistically to ensure your skin feels supported, resilient and vibrant long and truly after your big day. From internal dietary support, an at-home management plan, and regular studio treatments, we endeavour to create a sustainable rhythm for optimal skin support. Your Living Skin prescription comes with complimentary self-care rituals to suit your skin’s requirements.

For your skin to experience the utmost support through this process, we tailor your treatment plan to compliment your unique skin. We believe the probability of skin sensitivities and adverse reactions are high with more invasive skin treatments. To evade these risks, we prioritise healing, soothing and encouraging strength and resilience in the skin above all else.

Due to our slow-build approach, we require the time to work with your skin, rather than against it, to achieve the results you desire. Ideally, we like to work with the skin for a minimum of three months prior to your big day. However, if you find your skin is resilient and adaptable, a shorter lead-up is workable as we can completely focus on providing the skin with a healthy glow.

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Industry experience


Pre Wedding Skin Preparations


Facials performed
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After your initial Living Skin Consultation, you will have the option select one of the following packages. Our Living SKin therapists will guide you through a non-invasive, clean treatment plan curated for your unique skin.

3 Month Plan
From $609

1 x 60min Remedy Facials

1 x 90min Remedy Facials

5 x LED Lounges Treatments

$100 Skin Store voucher

6 Month Plan
From $1,200

4 x 60min Remedy Facials

1 x 90min Remedy Facials

5 x LED Lounges Treatments

$150 Skin Store voucher

12 Month Plan
From $2,400

10 x 60min Remedy Facials

1 x 90min Remedy Facials

5 x LED Lounges Treatments

$200 Skin Store voucher

“We absolutely loved our time spent with Little Company, it was the perfect blend of relaxation and pampering. We couldn’t recommend it more.”
Stacey & Ash Keillah

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How far in advance can I begin my treatments?

To achieve ideal results, we recommend a minimum of 3 months. Our philosophy is rooted on working with the skin rather than against it, and this often takes time to achieve as we aren’t putting the skin into a state of shock. However, if you don’t have any real skin concerns and find your skin is resilient and adaptive , you may be able to start just one month prior.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your options prior to booking.

How many sessions do I need to achieve my skin goals?

This depends on the intended outcome and how early we begin treatments. For more targeted skin concerns, it’s best to book as early as possible to ensure we can best support you.

It’s best to book an initial consultation so that our Living Skin therapists can outline a treatment plan unique for you.

How regularly should I have a facial?

After your skin consultation, our therapists will outline a dedicated and unique treatment plan to achieve optimal skin health. Regularity of facials can be anywhere between 4–6 weeks, to ensure we are leaving enough space in between for the skin to become accustomed to any changes.

What skincare do I use at home?

After your initial consultation, our Living Skin therapists provide you with a tailored skincare routine starting with foundational products to nourish and support, boosted products to accelerate your progress, and targeted solutions for your specific concerns.

We recommend bringing your bathroom bag to your initial consultation for our therapists to understand a little more about your current routine to fill any gaps accordingly.

Can I also keep up my dermapen treatments?

If you’ve been using dermapen as a means to restexturise skin, reduce acne outbreaks, and manage the natural ageing process, you may find the benefits of LED Light Therapy accelerate these outcomes.

It is best to discuss your current dermapen or skin needling progress with your Living Skin therapist so that we can understand how to best support your skin through the process.

Can I continue my other skin treatments alongside LTCO facials?

The journey of optimal skin health can be addressed by a myriad of paths. There are some treatments that can inhibit the progress of our work, particularly if the result is overworked skin. However, depending on your desired outcome, there are a multitude of other clinical treatments that work wonderfully with our ethos.

Book a consultation with a Living Skin therapist to discuss how we can best support the skin through this process.

How long does LED take to work?

You can feel the immediate effects of LED after just one 20 minute session. In your first session, your skin will feel rejuvenated from increased oxygen and blood flow to the skin. ⁠⁠

Prolonged exposure with LED is where we begin to see real shifts in skin texture and clarity. After 2 weeks, skin will appear smoother, brighter and plumper. ⁠After 4 weeks, skin tone will become tighter and firmer with a healthy improvement in tone, clarity and texture. ⁠

All you need is 20 minutes each session to feel the benefits. You can support your pre-wedding skin treatments with regular LED for optimal results.

How can I support my skin internally during my treatment plan?

We encourage all our clients on their skin journey to view their skin as an extension of their health. After all, the skin is largely affected by diet, stress, and hormonal fluctuations. Whilst we at Little Company have curated lifestyle tips and formulated specific internal products to support and enhance the delivery of your topical treatments, we highly recommend connecting with a Naturopath to support you internally.

A Living Skin Approach

The idea of a mind-body relationship is hardly new. And neither is the intricate connection between stress and skin conditions. But for the last two decades, researchers have been able to highlight the underlying and intimate interdependence of the two worlds, illuminating exactly how our body is able to present conditions topically as a result of our internal wirings.

Stress in the mind can stimulate hormones that trigger inflammation, impair wound healing, accelerate dehydration and ageing, as well as spur on conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. The field of psych-dermatology (the cross-section between psychology and dermatology) divides the affected symptoms into three often overlapping categories.

1. How our mind affects our skin
2. How our skin affects our mood
3. How our mood affects our skin

And as it sounds, it can be an ongoing cycle between the three.

At Little Company, this research is what drives our holistic-focused treatment. Supporting the skin topically, internally, and meditatively is our primary approach to ensure there is sustainability in the skin’s strength and resilience.

The Power of Touch Therapy

By introducing touch, we induce hormonal changes via the skin to our brain’s cognitive and emotional centres. The mysteries of touch have recently been unveiled; our skin is highly innervated and connected to our brain, allowing us to ‘feel’. There are fast and slow nerves which process information at different rates. The fast nerves are responsible in our fight or flight response, for example, you’re reaching after touching a hot flame. The slower nerves are processed in a region of the brain responsible for positive emotions, the insular cortex, where we feel pleasure from receiving massage and slowly reduce our stress hormone cortisol whilst lifting our oxytocin levels.

As therapists, our aim is to connect with our clients with empathy. At Little Company, by holding space for clients to become more connected to their physical and psychological parts, we are guiding the nervous system to heal. As a result, skin feels calmer and therefore more receptive to topical treatments.

Sensory Support

Another avenue we choose to support our clients is through sensory support. While touch therapy has a multitude of benefits, we choose to support this treatment with other ways to reduce stress in the body and ground you fully.

Little Company’s holistic treatment plan includes elements of sensory support–from soundscapes in our ritual treatments, meditation practices in the LED light room, to at-home tools to support your journey. The association we’re striving for is positive reinforcement between calming the nervous system and overall well being.

While you may choose Little Company to support your skin holistically, you may like to work alongside a variety of modalities to manage your internal environment, encourage movement and support your sleep and wake cycle. This may include Naturopathy, yoga practices, or simple changes to your routine, such as tech-free evenings.

For more information on how we can support you in your skin treatment in the lead-up to your big day, please contact us directly or book a Living Skin Consultation.