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Get In Touch

Inspired by a desire to create a community of connected individuals and hold space for the exchange of creative ideas and inspiration, GETINTOUCH was born. With principles of connection, restoration and creativity at the helm of this project, we aspire to demonstrate how a rested and regulated nervous system can support the creative process.

Research demonstrates that mindfulness and rituals of wellbeing can improve a person’s ability to concentrate, reduce the fear of being judged, and enhance open-minded thinking while decreasing aversive self-conscious thinking. These points map directly onto key characteristics of creative habits of working, thinking, and being in the world, including relaxation or flow states, risk-taking, and curiosity or openness to experience.

GETINTOUCH is an intimate platform that will enable creatives to experience deeper rest and relaxation through Little Company facials, massage, LED light therapy and meditation. Encouraging them to reflect on and document how this improves access to creative and inspired states of being and how creative and connected states might provide an antidote to the isolation and disconnection we have collectively experienced over the last few years.


GetInTouch – founded on three principles.



Community connection is the centrepiece of GETINTOUCH. We nurture the human need for relationships and connection with oneself, community and environment. We aspire to host meaningful and memorable embodied experiences that inspire creativity and belonging.



We recognise that restorative practice is not a luxury, but a basic human need and that self-care and community care are deeply generative and essential resources that make creativity possible. By offering a range of skilled services, from massage to facials, yoga and meditation, we hope to make wellbeing a more accessible resource to the creative community.



We work collaboratively with artists, encouraging a sense of agency, autonomy and authenticity in expression. Providing a fertile and intentional environment for creativity to emerge. We aim to be a conduit for creative practice, engaging diverse identities and cultures to platform dynamic storytelling both online and in-person. 

Expressions of Interest

If you have any questions, or if you’re interested in being a part of the conversation, get in touch → at 

For more information on the program download our PDF guide for your location.