Little Company Founder

Stace is not only a living skin expert on paper, you can feel it in the very tips of her fingers. Every touch is measured with an unspoken depth of knowledge. Find comfort in the fact that every product that graces your skin has been chosen with intent. Her wisdom in skin nutrition and caring nature will leave you with not only a glowing complexion but also a broader understanding of what your skin needs to repair and maintain optimal health. Stace is currently on maternity leave until early 2018.




Little Company Manager + MV Master Facialist

Possessing an extensive knowledge of holistic beauty and a passion for nature, Sam looks beyond the treatment, putting her clients into deep relaxation whilst solving the more complex skin issues such as pigmentation and acne. Customising each treatment with a unique blend of natural products, Sam's calming nature lends her a pure focus. Each touch is deliberate, each treatement a mediative dance to stimulate your skin and maximise the results of your facial.



Steph R

Senior Living Skin Specialist + MV Master Facialist

Steph R seeks to change the common perspective on the beauty and cosmetic industry by helping you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. Steph specialises in sensitive and reactive skins, supporting your skin with her back to basics approach and soothing touch. Book a little time with Steph R and slip into a deep state of relaxation, the perfect “little recovery”.



Steph M

Senior Living Skin Specialist

Steph M not only makes every second count during your individually tailored treatment, she also brightens everyone’s day with her infectious happiness and caring nature. Harbouring a deep knowledge of wellness and nutrition, Steph loves taking the extra time in her favourite 'A Little Tailoring' facial to really get to know your skin and maximise the effects of our highest quality products. Steph will leave you with healthy glowing skin and something even more beautiful; a deeper lasting sense of warmth and happiness.




Living Skin Specialist

Kat's passion for healing the body + mind through yoga and meditation gives her the calming spirit and intuition to tailor each treatment to suit what you and your skin needs most. By getting to know your skin, diet and daily practice, Kat loves to guide her clients to improving not only their skin but also their inner balance.




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