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A nurturing and rejuvenating experience for all women in all stages of their pregnancy.

We know that pregnancy brings about challenges, from physical discomfort to skin conditions, hormonal imbalance and muscle aches and pains. Our tailor-made pregnancy treatments combine facial treatments from our Little Company team, massages from Still Beauty, and body products from the natural and nourishing Pure Mama. Providing the perfect blend of self-care and skincare to support the well-being of both you and your baby.

Our team of dedicated therapists ensures a peaceful and safe environment where you can take a well-deserved break and focus solely on your well-being.

This one is dedicated to you – our cherished mama.

Facial Treatments

Pregnancy Ritual Facial

60 MIN from $189 | 90 MIN from $289

A nurturing and rejuvenating experience for all women in all stages of their pregnancy. The Pregnancy Ritual Facial is a blissful experience tailored to address the specific skincare challenges that may arise during pregnancy, such as hormonal imbalances, increased sensitivity, and changes in skin texture. Using our signature LTCO rhythms as well as Pure Mama body products to fully support you during this transformative time. Skincare that you can trust for you and your baby's well-being.

Treatment Features:

  • LTCO Signature Facial Massage
  • Shemana Heart & Head Massage with Pure Mama Body Oil
  • Pregnancy tailored Honey Mask
  • Pure Mama Decolletage Scrub
  • Pure Mama Magnesium Ritual Leg & Foot Massage (90 MIN only)

*Please note that LTCO Byron Bay is only offering the Pregnancy Ritual Facial for now. The Pure Mama Pregnancy Massage is coming soon.

Massage Treatments

Pure Mama Pregnancy Massage by STILL

60 MIN $165 | 90 MIN $215

As the weeks go on in your pregnancy, your body is slowly but surely growing. Bones are moving and muscles are stretching, sometimes making things a little uncomfortable. So it makes sense to treat your body well. Our signature pregnancy massage takes place either on your side or in our pregnancy pillow, and is all about hitting the pause button and pinpointing your body’s most urgent points of tension. With benefits ranging from stress-release and relaxation to improved blood flow and deep-tissue release, our pregnancy massage will make you feel like you can move again! All of our treatments are performed by experienced massage therapists using the Pure Mama product range including their magnesium body rub to relax and hydrate skin.