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Tailored Massage

Our tailored massages are all about discovering the ways you unravel, because no two bodies are the same. Pinpointing exact sources of tension, we create a bespoke remedial treatment based around your body, offering the best possible outcome every single time. Treatments are always relaxing and always thorough, designed around your outcomes and level of comfort.

60 minutes $165
75 minutes $190
90 minutes $215

Scalp Massage

We carry a lot of tension from the shoulders up, so it’s no surprise that stress begins in the mind. Our signature scalp massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders, designed to stimulate the small muscles in this area, which in turn send signals to the brain. The benefits of this treatment range from tension release and relaxation to increased brain function. And, of course, it feels pretty heavenly.
*Your hair will be oily after this treatment

60 minutes $225
90 minutes $285

PURE MAMA Pregnancy Massage

As the weeks go on in your pregnancy, your body is slowly but surely growing. Bones are moving and muscles are stretching, sometimes making things a little uncomfortable. So it makes sense to treat your body well. Our signature pregnancy massage takes place either on your side or in our pregnancy pillow, and is all about hitting the pause button and pinpointing your body’s most urgent points of tension. With benefits ranging from stress-release and relaxation to improved blood flow and deep-tissue release, our pregnancy massage will make you feel like you can move again!
All of our treatments are performed by experienced massage therapists using the PURE MAMA product range including a deluxe belly scrub and magnesium body rub to exfoliate and hydrate skin.
Please note: if you are still in your first trimester, we offer a gentle, soft-pressure massage with your doctor’s approval.
60 minutes $165
75 minutes $190
90 minutes $215

Restore Massage & Facial

Little Company & STILL have come together with a tailored massage and facial to renew the skin and ease any tension of the face and body.
We carry our emotions, our stress, not just in our back and shoulders but also in our jaw, our forehead, our cheeks.
This restorative massage and facial involves the signature Still Beauty back massage, followed by LTCO’s signature facial: sweeping strokes across the face, neck, and scalp - with focused pressure points to alleviate stress and tension. Feel held and energetically supported, leaving with a feeling of lightness, clarity, rest, and release.

Treatment features:
• Signature Still Beauty Massage: back, neck, shoulders.
• Signature LTCO Facial
• Décolletage and arm massage
• Warm oil Scalp Massage

90 minutes $349

Face Sculp by Kira. An OsteoFacial TM

Sculpt, drain, lift

This intra-oral Face Sculpt by trained Osteopath Kira is an original Buccal method of intense manual stimulation of the cheeks, lips and nose, influencing the muscle and tissue outside and inside the oral cavity.

Focussing on breath work, face sculpting massage, and healthy lymphatic drainage, with myofascial release and unique osteopathy techniques, you may feel additional scalp, neck, and shoulder tension release, as well as alleviation of jaw pain and headaches.

Known to some as a natural facelift, this treatment is centred around a deep biological study of the chewing and facial muscles. The result is improved circulation, while softening deep lines and skin texture, and defining muscle tone.
Sculptural massage works out the external details of the oval of the face, in order to eliminate noticeable aesthetic abnormalities. With the Buccal plastic technique, deep tissues are massaged on both sides, with the goal to increase muscle strength and eliminate skin decline, while improving blood and lymph flow.
Our signature Buccal massage facial is tailored to your needs with the goal of rediscovering your face shape and optimal skin elasticity and appearance.
What to expect during the treatment.
  • This is an firm pressure, intra-oral treatment. Your therapist will have gloves on and massage the inside of your mouth. Expect vigorous tapping, pinching, pressing, kneading and stretching movements to work the skin of the face and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. After manipulation, the muscles return to their original length, elasticity and tone.
  • This treatment is not a traditional facial, if you have skin concerns, we suggest booking in with our skilled skin therapists for a LTCO Remedy Facial.
  • This treatment may bring about an emotional release. Emotions are stored deep in muscle fibres, tissue, and connective tissue.
Who is this treatment good for?
  • TMJ- The Temporomandibular Joint
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tension headaches, migraines
  • Facial/muscle pain
  • Swelling on the side of the face
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Pre-event face sculpt
Who should avoid this treatment?
Unfortunately, the Buccal method isn't for everyone. If you have any of the following conditions, a tailored massage or remedy facial will be more suitable.
  • Ulcers
  • Cold sores
  • Botox - two weeks
  • Fillers - 6 weeks
  • PDO threads/ thread lifting - 3 months
  • Nerve damage
  • Post Facial/Jaw Surgery
  • Pregnancy - first trimester
It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before receiving a Buccal massage to determine if it is appropriate and safe for your individual situation.
How often should you have this treatment?
For individuals experiencing ongoing symptoms such as tension headaches, TMJ related issues from grinding teeth and clenching the jaw, puffiness through the face and chin, or tightness in the neck, we recommend coming in for 6 sessions, either weekly or fortnightly, to really feel (and see) the results, as it can take time breakdown tissues and define facial tone.
Depending on individual symptoms and results, maintenance can be as desired, coming back every couple of months.
About Kira.
Massage therapist, Osteopath trained.
With years of study and knowledge of the human body and all the systems, Kira was primed for massages from a young age with her family queuing up to receive her magic touch. Kira is passionate about seeing tangible results from her sessions, with an eagerness to problem solve within the body. She has a wide range of study across nursing, reflexology, lymphatic draining, cranial sacral therapy, osteotherapy and brain/nerve massage. Having had her own Osteo Clinic in Ukraine, Kira has constantly strived for the deepest anatomical understanding. With a strong yet nurturing touch, Kira’s intuitive style feels like so much more than a massage, as she applies years of multidisciplinary experience and learnings to her practice.
90 minutes $349