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Coming Home with Daniel Baker


GetInTouch Melbourne Art Resident
Submission: Breathwork Session

Artist Bio

Daniel is a breathwork facilitator, jewellery designer, photographer, creative director and stylist hailing from Dhuruk Region, NSW. He works with his hands and from his heart, having developed his strong sense of personal style through travelling and his concentrated connection to nature. Passionate about care and connection, Danny invites a healing, rhythmic soundscape through his breathwork facilitation, holding a safe space for a journey within, one can feel his spiritual sense of ceremony and creativity that is evident through his shared practice.


The Practice of coming home to yourself.

A journey of inner knowing. Trust & authenticity. Rich with possibilities of connection to source, something far greater than I can comprehend, or wish to. Something I feel and don't see. The current of creativity that we all have access to is like a great pool of consciousness, one I am very grateful to have been able to draw upon in moments of deep ritualistic stillness & restoration.

I share the beauty and power of breathwork. I create unique nature inspired jewellery, I take photos and create spaces for human connection, expansion and growth.

As I have gone on a deep dive into my rituals & dedicated myself to my practices
stillness in meditation & breathwork has been my guide. The place I ground myself.
The place I return home to when I'm needing to navigate the landscape of this human experience. The place inside of me that I connect to, to help me get clear on what my next steps in life are.. It's where I track my life force energy.

My ritual of breathwork gives me back the gift of space. Breathing space.
So I can reconnect my mind and my heart.

Tracking and trusting the natural energetic current of inspiration is what I practice and share.

Within all of us, every human that takes breath is a connection to the breathline. A long family of nature's cycles. The only constant is change... evolution... inhalation and exhalation, birth and death.
With intention we press pause on external stimulus, we take ourselves into stillness. Here is where the wayfinding and whispers of the universe reside.

An opportunity to redefine our connection to our breath.
An opportunity that knows no boundaries or limits.
An opportunity for full and complete soul expression.
A coming home to your natural state of being.

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