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Introducing BEAR Essential Daily Vitamins and Essential Daily Superpowders by Sammy Leethman and Saash Burns.



BEAR is proudly an Australian owned company and all our products are made locally in Australia with 

the highest quality ingredients in all of the formulations to support individual lifestyles, not genders. 

BEAR uses activated ingredients at a therapeutic level which are more readily absorbed by the body and can therefore provide more immediate benefits.



Each product contains highly activated, bio-available ingredients of a therapeutic level to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by the body. Australian owned and made, BEAR carefully sources ingredients from around the world and takes pride in researching and producing each product with great care and integrity. All products are vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free and have not been tested on animals.

With its considered design and minimalist aesthetic, BEAR is designed to fit seamlessly into your morning beauty and grooming routine; to create a positive foundation of health through one small, yet significant act.




How do BEAR recommend taking the supplement?

Take one tablet each morning as part of your beauty and grooming routine, with or without food.

Can I take more than one of BEAR's Essential Daily Vitamins product at once?

Our products are designed to be complete and holistic. Each formulation contains a strong vitamin B complex at therapeutic levels, combined with high quality natural botanical extracts. Each bottle is a two month supply and we recommend completing one product at a time to receive the full benefits.

Are BEAR products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

How is BEAR making a positive contribution to animal welfare and conservation?

We are proud to be working closely with WildArk, a modern Australian conservation movement that helps protect and conserve the natural wonders of the world and the wild animals that inhabit them. WildArk are working to secure identified green belts to protect as much of the world’s biodiversity as possible for future generations. They have just secured Pridelands Conservancy, located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, that opens into the greater Kruger National Park, adding an additional 4500 acres of land to conservation. BEAR donates a fixed dollar amount from each product sold and together, we hope to make a significant difference to species protection and conservation projects worldwide in the years to come.

Can I take your Essential Daily Vitamins during pregnancy?

Yes, all of our Essential Daily Vitamins are safe to use during pregnancy, but we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before taking any of our dietary supplements.

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