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Your skin type has been identified as 'Ageing Well'.

You can expect to receive in your pack our selection of products to help maintain hydration and let your skin breathe, as well as a step-by step guide on how to use them.


A – Auroma Bulk Jojoba Oil
B – Sodashi - Lavender Cleanser
C – Sodashi - Enzyme polish
D – Skin Juice - Facial
E – MV - Energizing mask
F – Sodashi - Nourishing Repair Moisturiser
4 x Skin Collagen Tea
4 x Bodhi Incense
1 x Headband
1 x Mixing Combo
1 x Gua Sha
1 x MOKU Towel
1 x Tea Strainer


1. Pour a tea, light a incense stick, set a intention, take three long breathes, place your headband on to keep your hair away from your face.

2. Using the Auroma Jojoba Oil (A) , gently cleanse the eyes ensuring any residual makeup and impurities are removed.

3. With a wet MOKU Towel gently wipe the eyes clean of product.

4. Using the cleanser (B), wet finger tips, cleanse and massage over face. Remove with warm Muko towel.

5. Using the Polish (D) , massage the product over the face, ensuring you include your neck. Leave polish for 5 mins.

6. With the Moku Towel, run under warm water and gently wipe clean the polish.

7. Gently massage together the Auroma Jojoba Oil (A) into the face using circular motions. Use this facial massage to meditate and breathe a little deeper.

8. Once you have massaged the oils into your skin, apply the Mask (E).

Please find a recorded meditations here

9. Before th mask starts to go dry and hard, with the Moku Towel , run under warm water and gently wipe the mask clean off your face.

10. With a deep breath in and soft exhale, close your eyes and apply the Spritzer (C) over your face.

11. Using the Moisturiser (F) softly massage over your face and neck.

12. To finish your Little Company at-home facial, use your Gua Sha to gently apply light pressure across your face. This will reduce facial and muscular tension and move lymph


1. Monitor your sugar intake
A high dietary intake of processed sugars can cause glycation and lead to a loss of protein function and impaired elasticity of tissues such as blood vessels and skin. This process is highly accelerated in the presence of hyperglycemia and tissue oxidative stress, leading to accelerated aging.

2. Increase antioxidants
Antioxidants will help fight against free radicals, which can contribute to premature ageing. Look to include berries, green leafy vegetables, green tea, and foods rich in Vitamin C and Zinc.

3. Boost your essential fatty acids
An adequate intake of Omega 3 (to be precise) will help with your skin health. Ensure to include oily fish, nuts and seeds (flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts) in your diet. Also lookout for cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil, formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats and to provide extra nutritional support to moisturise your skin from the inside.