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Feel a deeper connection with your skin

Our at-home facial experiences allow you to recreate our intimate facials in a safe, familiar place. Below you will find a guide to using your facial kit, a curated playlist, a guided meditation, lifestyle tips and recommended products.

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Step 4. Use cleanser (B)

Step 5. Apply facial in a jar (D)

Step 8. Apply the mask (E)

Step 10. Apply mist

Step 11. Facial massage

Step 12. Gua sha

Your Facial Kit Guide

Inside your pack you will find a selection of products to help maintain hydration and let your skin breathe, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Item List

A – Jojoba Oil
B – Mukti Balancing Cleanser
C – Living Skin Lemon Myrtle Hydrosol Mist
D – Skin Juice Facial in a Jar
E – MV Signature Mask
F – Mukti Calm Moisturiser
4 x Living Skin Rejuvenate Tea
4 x Subtle Bodies Incense
1 x Headband
1 Set x Mixing Combo
1 x Jade Roller
1 x MOKU Towel
1 x Tea Strainer

*Please note the letters within your item list, corresponds to the same letters on your product labels and in your method of application.


1. Pour a tea, light an incense stick, set an intention, take three long breaths and place your headband on to keep your hair away from your face.

2. Using the Jojoba Oil (A), gently cleanse the eyes ensuring any residual makeup and impurities are removed.

3. With a wet MOKU Towel gently wipe the eyes clean of product.

4. Using the Cleanser (B), wet finger tips, cleanse and massage over face. Remove with warm MOKU towel.

5. Using the Polish (D), massage the product over the face, ensuring you include your neck. Leave polish for 5 mins.

6. With the MOKU Towel, run under warm water and gently wipe clean the polish.

7. Gently massage together the Jojoba Oil (A) into the face using circular motions. Use this facial massage to meditate and breathe a little deeper.

8. Once you have massaged the oils into your skin, apply the Mask (E) and select a recorded meditation. 

Using the mixing bowl and brush, create a silky cream my mixing a heaped teaspoon of the mask and a tiny bit of water. You want a cream texture. Not too watery.

With nice brush strokes, gently glide the mask over the contours of your face. Allow the mask to soften and sink into your skin but don’t allow it to completely dry and harden.

Once ready to be removed, use your MOKU Towel under warm water and gently compress it off.

9. Before the mask starts to go dry and hard, with the MOKU Towel, run under warm water and gently wipe the mask clean off your face.

10. With a deep breath in and soft exhale, close your eyes and apply the Mist (C) over your face.

11. Using the Moisturiser (F) softly massage over your face and neck.

12. To finish your Little Company at-home facial, use your Jade Roller to gently apply light pressure across your face. This will reduce facial and muscular tension and move lymph.

Your Music & Meditation

Little Company Meditations LISTEN HERE

Lifestyle Tips

1. Avoid foods that cause congestion
Certain foods, particularly those that are highly processed, are high in trans and saturated fats which can lead to blocked pores. For those who are more genetically sensitive to blockages and breakouts, we suggest limiting your intake of inflammatory foods, which may trigger hormonal activity. Please be conscious of processed foods, refined sweets, and certain dairy products.

2. Assist the body to detoxify gently
To boost the body's natural detoxification process, you can introduce a liver loving green powder. Incorporating a nutrient rich liver supplement can help support your liver and gut with healthy digestion, immune function, and the detoxification of toxins, excess hormones, and metabolic waste.

3. Boost your essential fatty acids
An adequate intake of Omega 3 will help with your skin health. Ensure to include oily fish, nuts and seeds (flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts) in your diet. Also lookout for cold-pressed organic flaxseed oil, formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats and to provide extra nutritional support to moisturise your skin from the inside.