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How does LED work?

Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way that plants absorb light energy from the sun. LED emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energise cells and stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate.

Is it safe?

LED is a non-invasive and natural treatment with over hundreds of medical and university studies showing no negative side effects. It has been used safely and effectively for aesthetic applications for over 15 years. It is safe for the eyes and it cannot be overused.

Who is it suitable for?

LED is suitable for all skins types, colours and conditions; and provides a non-invasive treatment option. It complements the skin’s own natural ability to rejuvenate, boost collagen synthesis and stimulate wound healing; helping with overall skin health.

Is LED safe for Pregnancy?

The Light has not been tested for use during pregnancy. If you  are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant we suggest  first to consult a doctor. This is a common precaution required on many devices and products and to be on the safe side we recommend getting  the clear before booking in for a session.

Is LED similar to Laser?

Not to be confused with laser, LED has a unique ability to produce the same specific light frequencies as lasers without damaging skin tissue. LED does not involve any heating of the skin and improves the health of the skin by stimulating the skin cells metabolism without causing injury and requires no downtime.

What should I expect during my first LightRoom session?

The sensation is akin to lying in the sun without the damaging effects during which a warm, pleasant feeling can be felt over the entire face. While you're there you can listen to some background music, meditate, even take a power nap -- honestly, the whole process is very relaxing. You will walk out feeling warm, fresh and rejuvenated (LED is also proven to stimulate serotonin levels).

What results can I expect?

On your first session, your skin will feel rejuvenated from increased oxygen and blood flow to the skin. After the first 2 weeks’ skin will appear smoother, brighter and plumper. After four weeks’ skin tone will be more even, tighter and firmer with a healthy improvement in tone, clarity and texture of the skin. The complexion is plumped up with new collagen (which pushes the folds of the wrinkles out) and new elastin (which helps to tighten the skin and give it more elasticity).

How many Light sessions will I need?

Lightroom sessions are recommended two to three times a week for a course of four to six weeks. Ideal for pre-wedding prep or before a big event, a session only takes 20 minutes.

How long do the effects last?

LED therapy will help stimulate the skin’s natural cellular processes which help to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin; after a course of treatments, this result continues to improve up to 4-6 months after a light treatment.

Will it make me breakout?

LED will not contribute to breakouts, it will actually help with the healing of breakouts by speeding up recovery time, assisting with inflammation and increasing lymphatic flow to help with toxic build up.

Can I apply make-up straight after?

You can apply make-up right after an LED treatment. We provide an organic tinted SPF, but if you prefer more coverage we recommend using natural makeup where possible.

Will it help with pigmentation?

LED can help with the underline inflammation of pigmentation, boosting the health of the skin and helping to minimise the appearance of pigmentation.

Will LED make my Hyperpigmentation worse?

LED will not worsen post inflammatory hyperpigmentation worse as it is not a direct light and the heat is simply from the bulbs. LED will help with the inflammation of melanocyte cells that can contribute to the appearance of pigmentation, it will however not get rid of it completely.

Is it ok for sensitive skin?

LED is perfectly safe for sensitive skin, it is non-invasive and is a fantastic treatment to aid skins that are experiencing anything from mild sensitivity to eczema by helping increase the skin’s natural wound healing process.

What sort of light does your LED machine use?

Our LED machines use multi-wave technology; they contain amber, red and near-infrared light that all target different layers of the skin. We don’t use blue light as we believe that you can get the same effect by using a topical treatment at home more frequently to kill acne bacteria, instead, we are focusing on the healing, inflammation and recovery of skin that is need of support.

Is Near Infrared light similar to an infrared sauna?

Near Infrared and Infrared saunas are different.

Infrared saunas use heating panels that emit light and radiate a heat that penetrates deep within your tissues, muscles and cells to increase body detoxification and blood flow

Near Infrared light targets skin cells all the way into the hypodermis working on damaged DNA cells for repair, increases your natural wound healing, stimulates blood and lymphatic flow; and so much more

Does LED help with broken capillaries?

While LED will not get rid of broken capillaries, it will help to stimulate and strengthen existing capillary vessels. If after removal of broken capillaries from something like laser, LED is a great follow up option to help with the production of new capillary vessels to replace the existing damaged cell.

Is LED good for Anti Aging?

LED is a great way to help support your skin as you we age as it will help to target any damaged cells for repair (after all cells replicate cells), stimulate new cell growth by energising fibroblast cells which are in charge of producing collagen, increases blood flow throughout the skin to oxygenate and bring nutrients to cells. LED teamed with the right homecare is a great way to support and nourish your skin naturally as we move into our older years.

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