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Living Skin School Team

Our education team has over 25 years experience in skin health and holistic facials.

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Stace is not only a living skin expert on paper, you can feel it in the very tips of her fingers. Every touch is measured with an unspoken depth of knowledge. Find comfort in the fact that every product that graces your skin has been chosen with intent. Her wisdom in skin nutrition and caring nature will leave you with not only a glowing complexion but also a broader understanding of what your skin needs to repair and maintain optimal health. 



Lauren refers to her facial therapy as transcendental. She aims to not only deliver a results-driven treatment but also support clients to transcend their thoughts and drift off into a place of stillness where they are at one with their natural rhythm, allowing space for their body to rest, heal and recover. Her holistic perspective on skin therapy doesn’t stop at touch therapy though – exploring lifestyle, nutrition, hormones and modern stresses help her treat appropriately.

Steph M


Steph M not only makes every second count during your individually tailored treatment, but she also brightens everyone’s day with her infectious happiness and caring nature. Harbouring a deep knowledge of wellness and nutrition, Steph loves taking the extra time in her favourite 'Remedy Facial' to really get to know your skin and maximise the effects of our highest quality products. Steph will leave you with healthy glowing skin and something even more beautiful: a deeper lasting sense of warmth and happiness.