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Environmental Reactive

Rach Smith

Senior Living Skin Therapist

Location: Byron Bay Living

Skin Type: Adaptive

Foundation Products

This is the best place to start setting good foundations for
better skin now and in the future

Boost things up

Go a little deeper, products to further enhance and improve the quality of your living skin.

Targeted Products

A little help to overcome specific concerns with your skin.


Frequency and rhythm may vary slightluy based on your skin type and product specifications. Here is a general guide on how often to use the products.

Daily Weekly Monthly
01 Cleanser pm
02 Exfoliant x
03 Spritzer x
04 Oil x
05 Moisturiser am + pm
06 Internal As directed on product
07 Mask x
08 Eye Cream pm
09 Vitamin As directed on product
10 Serum x

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Your personalised prescription

Experience healthier skin in...

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1 hour, 1-on-1 with a Living Skin Therapist. Available online or instore.

"My skin never looked so clear!"

Book a Remedy Facial

Book a Remedy facial with one of our Living Skin Therapists tailored to your Living Skin type.

From $189.00

A comprehensive, deeply nourishing facial that will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured and empowered, inside and out. Our remedy facials are tailored to your unique skin type, allowing you to focus on specific skin concerns.

“A little sanctuary from everyday busyness. Little Company is a space that always makes me feel supported and deeply nurtured, reminding me to prioritise my well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.” - Yoko Inoue, Shoku Iku

Treatment features:

– Personalised and flexible

– Previously ‘A little Tailored’ Facial

– Suitable for all skin type + includes our signature massage

– Extraction may be included at your therapist discretion


At-Home Facial Kit

Purchase a Remedy At-Home Facial experience, featuring sample sizes of your prescribed products.

Price $199.00
Facial Kit includes:

– A personalised mix of 6 professional (always natural) skin formulations

– The Fitzroy Naturopath teas for your specific skin type

– Bodhi Incense

– Headband

– Wooden mixing bowl

– Brush

– Wooden spoon

– Jade rollers

– Japanese face towel vSkin type and 12 step instruction card

– Access to tailored, exclusive content

– Support video on how to conduct the facial

– Recorded meditation – 20 minute facial playlist

– List of other products to support your skin

Environmental Reactive

A little more about
your Living Skin Type
Adaptive skin is as the name suggests; resilient, balanced and responds well to products. This skin type has no major concerns but looks to maintain and support your current skin care ritual.
Lifestyle Tips

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