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Enter Little Company 3.0, a new Collingwood ‘Zen Den’ serving up unworldly facials and light meditations.

Tucked away in the nooks of Melbourne’s Cremorne and Byron Bay’s industrial estate, Little Company’s latest skin studio could be their most unique space to date.

After countless calls for more treatment rooms, the new ultramodern studio is more akin to an underground cave nestled down the inner-city bluestone alley of Montalto Place, Collingwood – now servicing long established clients from across the city. Founders Stacey Burt and Kent Pomare’s vision for the studio was to manifest beauty as a feeling, casting aside industry norms to create a space of natural healing and support over the idea of disguising or altering self. Birthed to fruition alongside architect David Gloss and artist Bobby Clarke, the space has become their most impressive to date. The vast subversive space gently rewards the senses using muted and authentic materials, celebrating Little Company’s creative foundations. Upon entering, the space greets you with curated abstract paintings using concentrated Chlorophyll Drops created by Little Company’s very own skincare label Living Skin – an emotive and refreshing display of artistry by artist Bobby Clarke, illustrating the fluid path to sustaining skin health through an integrated approach.

Similarly, David Gloss Studios’ cascading render-dreamscape instantly offers refuge to the otherwise overstimulated senses. Stepping in from Melbourne’s bustling inner-north, the use of textured stone among the vast openness offers an invitation for grounding. Once in treatment, melt into brushed linen, soften the eyes and limbs, and experience one of Little Company’s transcending hand waltz’ across the skin – focusing on delivering peace through fluid–motion touch.

Since its birth, Little Company has been described as ‘something deeper than a facial’ – the go-to destination for a full body sensory experience. A place where even the skin goddess herself, Zoe Foster–Blake, goes for her ‘relaxing and nurturing facials’. As early pioneers of the slow beauty movement, Little Company is known for integrating Eastern modalities with a considered, modern approach reflected in their skincare offering and in-treatment techniques.

The experience is deeper than a facial, where practitioners care deeply for their craft. Led by Stacey Burt, each practitioner undertakes rigorous training to deliver a meditative experience using potent natural botanicals. At times, this process has meant limited availability among the two open studios.

With the launch of the spacious new inner-north studio, wait times have dramatically reduced. For those chasing one of Little Company’s cult signature facials, Collingwood bookings are available now. As for the menu – A Little Remedy is a treatment–focussed approach starting at $189 for 60 minutes. A Little Ritual is a deeper meditative facial focussed on a full-body sensory experience designed to renew more than just the skin. These start at $229. Starting out? Experience an LED Light Therapy treatment – also known as The Happy Light – starting at just $30 a session.