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The Felt Sense of Connection by Kirilly Dawn


GetInTouch Byron Bay Art Resident
Submission: Dance Performance

Artist Bio

Kirilly Dawn is a Barkindji woman, a doula, a multidisciplinary artist and a somatics practitioner. Her art practice is one which centres slowness, embodiment, and her connection to Country and her matriarchal ancestors. Movement is her first language and is the foundation for her practices in weaving, painting, words, textiles and birth work. It is the way she communicates with Country, with life, through the body and felt senses. Kirilly is a member of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative, the longest running Aboriginal owned and run arts co-operative promoting NSW language groups.

Artist Reflection

"The felt sense of connection - to my body, to Country, to my ancestors - is the pathway through which I create. I have to slow down and be in that space of timelessness, in the interconnectedness of place, body, spirit to be able to create anything meaningful for me. To be able to listen, and let something come through my body, through my hands. Making time to be slow, to offer myself my own care, to be well - that has to come before I can create, otherwise my mind is leading the way, and I need it to follow. This residency gave me the space to absorb care which I usually extend out. It helped me come back to my water body, to the memory in my cells. Where I remember I am water body on land, where I remember to pray with my hands and the soles of my feet, and honour the old ones I bring with me."




Photographer: Charlie Brophy