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Artist Reflection by Robyn Hillman Harrigan


GetInTouch Melbourne Art Resident
Submission: Reiki Workshop

Artist Bio

Robyn Hillman-Harrigan just completed her Reiki Masters on a scholarship to a wonderful residency at a retreat center in Oaxaca, Mexico called Maha Rose. She is also a poet, artist and actor/model as well as a recovering data scientist and is excited to share a workshop with the LTCO team in Collingwood.

Artist Reflection

I'm back home visiting family in the madness of New York City summer after 4 pandemic years away in my new home, Australia. Here there are so many signs and smells, sounds and circumstances pulling our attention in all directions, but today while I was walking home on the muggiest of July days, one particular sign caught my attention. It said, "When you're tired, rest, don't quit." It was exactly what I needed to hear at the exact right moment, and it's why places like Little Company and practices that centre on well-being are so important for creative workers. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed, we want to quit altogether, but what we really need is much simpler. When we thrive on passion and huge spurts of big ideas that spill like splatter paint onto our proverbial canvases, we also sometimes need to sit in a dark room for a while to counteract the exhaustion of those sprints. We seek and find moments of silence, meditation, tarot, chemistry, and alchemy under LED lights, during the mindbending Ritual Facial and with moments of pause during Reiki, massage, and self-reflection. This is what holds us together and sustains us in artistic endeavours.