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A Little Chat with Eva Orner


YOUR WORK; What is your favourite part of your work? Was this the reason you started, or has this changed?

I love learning new things and I’m kinda nerdy. With each new project I immerse myself into a new field and I love that. I’m constantly meeting new people and traveling. I started making films because I love story telling and I still do. I feel really lucky and grateful that I get to do what I do.

BEAUTY; You are delivering an important message in your films to the world, tell us about any pockets of beauty that you have experienced within your film making?

I get to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things all the time, often in challenging circumstances and I find that incredibly inspiring and beautiful. People who risk everything to tell the truth and expose wrongs, people who risk everything for love or to help others. People who stand up for what they believe in. I find that so inspiring and brave and I guess to me thats beautiful. The whistleblowers in my film Chasing Asylum risked everything to expose injustice. I am in awe of them and so grateful to them.

I see beauty in strength, conviction, courage and honesty

Has your perception of beauty changed throughout the years?

In terms pf physical beauty, yes! As I get older I appreciate the beauty of youth as I’m not young anymore! I miss dewy, wrinkle free skin. That said there is power and strength and grace in age and I look to older beauty role models like Diane Keaton and Lauren Hutton, women who have aged beautifully and naturally.

SKIN; why have you adopted a natural beauty protocol? Why is this important to you? What beauty routines do you practice and how do you manage your beauty routine whilst on the road with your film making?

I try to live pretty cleanly and healthily. When I arrived back in Australia I started coming to you guys for facials and you got me off my chemical regime onto natural beauty. Your products and facials fitted with my style more and my skin definitely benefitted.

I travel so much and put my body under quite a bit of strain so I try to eat well, exercise a lot and look after myself. Using natural beauty products is an extension of that. I pack lightly but always have a good cleanser, toner, oil, moisturiser, sunscreen and if i can squeeze it in a good moisturising mask. Oh and always sunscreen and a hat! I’m a big fan of oils and use a tonnes of moisturiser.

SELF-CARE; With a demanding schedule and such emotional investment into your work — when you find a little time out, what are some ways you practice self care in those times, why is this important to you?

I’m actually a bit of a home body when I’m home in LA as I’m not there that much. I tend to nest and do things around the house, cook, have friends over. I hike a lot in the hills near where I live which makes me very happy. I do pilates a lot when I’m home. Hang with friends.

FUTURE; What does the future look like for Eva Orner?

Hopefully full of happiness, laughter, friends, work and good health. I never really know what Im doing too far ahead but lots of exciting projects re circling so we will see which one lands next!

Photo's by Bobby Clark