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A Little Chat with Kirra Jamison


We’ve long been admirers of Kirra Jamison’s art practice. Her aesthetic is a direct reflection of her personality, and, much like she, it evokes a dynacism, warmth and above all, an understanding of the bigger picture.

As an extension of her daily yoga practice, Kirra has also founded her own studio, Good Vibes Yoga, in Northcote. It’s a space which encourages a holistic sense of wellbeing through an ‘empowered, healthy and mindful community’. Kirra’s approach to wellness is inclusive of her highly considered diet and a spirited lifestyle which gives thought to the actions of the everyday. It’s an ethos that we share at Little Company, and so, we were eager to sit down with her to learn more.

What do you keep on your bathroom shelf?

I’m a minimalist, so honestly not a lot. I’m loyal to a few natural, gentle products. Oils are my friend but Chanel is my weakness. MV Rose Skin Plus Booster is my number one favourite product. It’s pure goodness.

Take us through your morning skincare ritual.

I wash my face using a Moku face washer and warm water. I’ve followed Stacey’s advice and dropped cleansers from my skin care routine and my skin, which is naturally sensitive and dry, and my skin seems happier and more hydrated for it. At the moment in the mornings I’m using Sodashi Rejuvenating Face Mist and MV Rose Moisturiser. And a very light SPF foundation. I generally don’t wear too much make up.

On a day when you are considering your health and have time to prepare your meals, what do you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

My style of cooking is simple, quick and clean. Mornings begin with coffee. Breakfast is usually late morning when I’m back home from Good Vibes. It’s usually eggs with some warmed greens or maybe fruit on buckwheat pancakes.

Lunch is often a smoothie in the late afternoon. It’s normally a pretty indulgent affair of frozen banana, carob, flax seed oil, collagen, hemp seeds, abc butter, mesquite, lucuma and nut milk.

Dinner would be something like a roast potato with chickpeas, kale, sunflower sprouts and hummus. In summer I make a lot of fresh salads.

Self-care is a process of discovery, a learning by trial and error of what works for you. Can you share any valuable lessons you have learned so far?

I’ve learnt to eat unprocessed foods and plants, drink a lot of water, meditate, go slow, and to set boundaries. One thing I’ve learnt while running a business and balancing my personal life with that, is to not sweat the small stuff.

How do you achieve balance in the everyday?

Yoga. Stepping onto the mat each day is my way of being present, grounded and balanced. A morning practice lays a foundation for the rest of the day.

What do you do before bed to feel grounded and restful?

I take a bath most nights with Epsom salt, magnesium and essential oils, and I take this time to tune out of all the tech.

Any other self-care rituals?

I’m not sure if it’s a ritual, but getting out of the city and into nature is something that definitely recharges me and something I try to do as much as I can. While escaping is necessary, of course we don’t always have time to do that. I find that creating a relaxing sensory environment at home is conducive to maintaining a clear mind. Before I start work I like to tend to the space I’m in and make sure everything smells good, looks good, and feels good

Photo's by Bobby Clark