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A Little Chat with Erika Geraerts

Erika Geraerts is one-fifth of the founding team behind cult coffee scrub Frank Body and has since pioneered her way forward with a new beauty brand for the next generation, Fluff.

With tag lines such as ‘It’s all Fluff’ and ‘I’m prettier now that I don’t care’, Gearaerts approach to the beauty industry and the content being created for Fluff is driven by a genuine desire to “...make girls think”.

 Vegan and palm oil free, Fluff prides itself on being a brand that stands for something, has an opinion and is more than just their products. Filtering this intention from the top down, Eri is leading by example and shares her own self-care journey and some of the realisations that lead her to active change in the industry with us in this Little Chat.

Images by Bobby Clark

Tell us about your journey to create a beauty brand for the next generation? What experiences or self realisations led you to want to make change in the beauty industry and its effect on the (especially younger) community.
Fluff is my second brand in the beauty industry, after having previously co-founded frank Body. I learnt so much in my three years at frank, however I had become disengaged and disheartened by the way that beauty brands were speaking to (especially younger) audiences. I believed that - especially in Australia – a company that stood for natural formulations, a beautiful packaging experience, and content that spoke to the true needs of their audience was needed. This is Fluff: we believe that the future of beauty is more than makeup. Fluff is for anyone who thinks that the world doesn’t need more products, just better products. Anyone who’s sick of bunny testing. Anyone who can’t understand why makeup isn’t vegan. Or why there’s palm oil in everything. Anyone who is over ‘empowertising’ from faceless brands who don’t care. Anyone who thinks that the future can be better than what we have right now.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
You’re prettier when you don't care, save (some) pennies, drink more water, go for a walk, invest in books, be like you not like them, travel, have some quiet time, therapy is amazing, look for honesty and intelligence in friends, you’re safe.

What do you keep on your bathroom shelf?
Here I was thinking I had a simple routine:
MV Organics Cleanser, Fluff Face Oil, Marvis Toothpaste, Dry Body Brush, Fluff Bronzing Powder, Sans Ceuticals Body Oil, Shampoo & Conditioner, Josh Rosebrooks Face Mask, Mukti’s Vitamin C Elixr, tweezers, black cotton buds, a giant crystal my dad made me lug home one day, general mess.

Take us through your morning skincare ritual.
I use Fluff Face Oil morning and night – I’m 100% addicted to/preaching oils. It’s all you need, everything else is a lie (pretty much). I also use a beautiful brand called Namari and Agent Nateur is also on rotation. Makeup wise, I use a bit of concealer (Glossier or Ere Perez) under my eyes and on any spots, then Fluff Bronzing Powder, Mascara (Kevyn Aucoin) if I can be bothered, and a clear brow gel (Surratt). I also love Kjaer Weis’ lip pencil. Oh, and Fluff’s Lip Oil (coming soon.) That’s it. I feel like me, it’s nice.
What do you do before bed to feel grounded and restful?
Whether I’ve been out or not I usually end up doing some work at home – it’s such a nice place that I’m happy and re-energised being there. I put a record on, light some candles (I own way too many), I always make tea and then forget about it and repeat the process.
When I do decide to go to bed, I always take my makeup off – well, 9 times out of 10. I try to read or write, and at the very least that means reading one page out of a few bedside table books I have that you can pick up at any point (currently, this), and writing down three things from my day (something that worked, something I learnt, and something I noticed.)
Can you share with us any other rituals of self-care?
I’ve had an interesting relationship with meditation for the last 9 years – it’s one thing that truly changes my day, however as with most things that we know are good for us, it’s something I easily de-prioritise, especially when I feel overwhelmed with work, which is when I need it most. I find practicing in the mornings for 20-60 mins is best. Yoga & coffee + work on my own is also super important, as well as walking. Whatever problems I start with always end up disappearing with kms.  
Oh, and of course – facials. It’s crazy how much time and money women spend on clothes, their hair, waxing, spray tans, massages; and how little they spend on the one thing that is most visible: their own face. I have very strong opinions on what we put into and onto our bodies/faces and how everyone needs to calm the fuck down and go back to basics: simple, natural. Do not inject shit. Do not use acids or things you can’t pronounce. Honestly. Age gracefully.
On a day when you are considering your health and have time to prepare your meals, what do you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
-I always have a long black first thing in the morning while I do emails. 1 coffee each day, no more.
-My first meal is a few hours later. It usually consists of eggs, spinach, Brussel sprouts or broccolini, sour kraut, hemp seeds, etc, whatever overpriced things from the health food store next to our Studio that I can throw in a bowl.
-My weakness is dark chocolate, carrot cake, six almonds (no more) and adaptogenic mushrooms + coconut milk in the afternoon. Everyone at work thinks I’m an idiot. I agree.
-Dinner: Pan fried Salmon in coconut oil with more green vege – kale or zucchini or roast pumpkin and carrots, or lentils.
Also, sometimes going to Rita’s and sharing a bowl of pasta, a pizza, and a bottle of wine is the healthiest decision I can make for myself. True story.
Self-care is a process of discovery, a learning by trial and error of what works for you. Can you share a valuable lesson you have learned so far?
My biggest lesson around self care is twofold:
Lower your expectations – we are human, we fuck up, we can’t possibly keep up with routine. Discipline/will power is a never ending journey/struggle. Love & permission (compassion) is crucial, first for yourself, then others.
It’s personal – what works for me will most likely not work for you. Find your own path.
How do you achieve balance in the everyday?
I don’t actually believe in balance – I think life is a see-saw, constantly up & down, an ebb and flow, whereby the goal is to remain equanimous: calm and composed despite the change in waters or pace.
My life is a beautiful mess of work, friends, family, love, and play – in no particular order or amount. It changes all the time. I think peace is a nice thing to strive for, this doesn’t mean you’re necessarily happy with a situation, event, or outcome, but you’ve accepted it, and you’re not attached to it. Whenever I’m down I remind myself that water & walking are usually the way to fix a broken me + writing, meditating, and being honest (first with myself, then others). If all else fails there’s wine and dancing and writing and breakfast and venting.