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A little facial at home with Bobby


As we approach Mother's Day, we decided to send a few Mummas close to us one of our at-home facial packs and ask them a few questions about their experience as mothers, their views on skincare and how they're making time for themselves during isolation.

Our first interview of this series is with our creative director and dear friend, Bobby Clark. As an established artist and photographer and a new mother, we wanted to explore how Bobby's experience during isolation has been with her family and how her skincare rituals have created much needed space in her days.

Images shot at home in ISO by Bobby

Not only are you in ISO, you have recently had a beautiful baby boy, how are you doing and what are you doing daily to make sure you are taking care of yourself?

I've essentially been in ISO for almost 14 weeks now which I'm choosing to see as a huge blessing. Being a total workaholic, it's given or shall I say forced me to really slow down, to enjoy being at home and also meant we have spent so much quality time together as a new family of 3 (four really including our seal dog). Life has changed in a really nice way for me. I am connected more with my neighbours, making sure I have a big walk in my local park every morning and spending a lot of time in the studio. Painting is my version of self care. Having the extra space to think and explore new things and paint almost daily has been amazing for my well being. 

 What does skincare mean to you?

I have always looked after my skin, my mum instilled the importance of taking care of it from a young age. My earliest memories are of playing dress up with my mum, she would let me wear her dusty blue polka dot nightie and her favourite bright orange lip stick and she would draw my portrait. I would watch her at her dressing table applying all her creams and remember a book she kept on her dresser about natures facelift, a book showing women how facial massage could prevent ageing. I always remember her telling me to always make sure I used good skincare, moisturise and never forget your décolletage - 'no-one wants a wrinkly cleavage'. I've always invested in good skincare products and learnt so much about the importance of quality of quantity through Stace (LTCO founder).   

Take us through your morning skincare ritual?

I never skip my morning skin routine. I usually don't cleanse in the morning just rinse my face with cold water to wake me up after a hot shower but if I need a little bit of a resurfacing treatment if my skin is dry I use Lesse Organic Micro-Exfoliating Essential Cleanser to remove any dead skin cells. The I use Mukti Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Marine Serum and Rose Hip Eye Gel followed by Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30. I love makeup, how it makes me feel so I've managed to get my routine down to 5 minutes. I use Naked Glow CC Cream by Curtis Collection by Victoria, Kevin Aucoin tubular mascara and some highlighter on my checks. I also draw on my eye brows every morning with a fine liner brow pen to cover up the over-plucking of the 90's.

 And your night routine?

My night routine is a non negotiable. I need a good 20 minutes wind down in the bathroom before bed. Steve and I always go to bed at the same time so after 13 years together he's finally realised that I need a warning so he's he's not waiting on me. Now, with baby James he's took the heat off a bit. Steve gives him his night feed while I express and have my time. At night I always double cleanse. First with Skin Juice Drench Oil Cleanser, it's my favourite, so rich and it removes all the dirt and make up from the day. Then my second cleanse is with Mukti Hydration Cleansing Lotion, both removed with a Moku face washer. 'You can't splash off dirt'. Next its Mukti Vitamin B Elixir, the Marine Hyaluronic Serum and the Rosehip Eye Gel. Depending on what my skin needs I either finish with the MV Rose Plus or the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask. I love skincare, I find it really difficult to leave Little Company without a new product. 

You've been developing the Little Company Home Facial Kit and trialing it at home, tell us what you love about it.

I love everything about the Home Facial Kit. Nothing quite beats a solid hour treatment at LTCO (I usually get one facial a month) but with the outbreak of Covid we knew we had to create something extra special to recreate that little sanctuary at home. We really looked into what made Little Company a haven for so many. There is something so special about a treatment and the clinics. As soon as I enter the space I feel an immediate calm, which is really hard for me. I'm on the go 24/7, even with a newborn so it was a major focus to try capture this in the home kits. With the design and interior of the spaces I always think of the 5 senses, so we worked hard incorporating these into the boxes. I love setting the space with the same rituals the therapists use. Each facial starts with a grounding practice. The simple act of lighting incense, brewing a cup of the skin blended teas and focusing on three deep inhalations really signals my brain and my body that is time to ease into relaxation. The products are all professional quality, I LOVE the enzyme peels, my skin really benefits from those resurfacing treatments and I feel that is the most important step in the box for me (I use the adaptive box). I treat every step as a new ritual and by the end I'm a nourished marshmallow. Steve definitely loves the post facial Bobby the best. 

 Lastly, how has becoming a mother changed you?

I've wanted to be a mother my whole life. I had an ectopic pregnancy a year before falling pregnant with James which left me with both mental and physical scares that took a long time to move through. When I feel pregnant with James the first 12 weeks were hard. I was so scared of being too happy and I just through myself into working. In the end, I loved being pregnant, I've never felt more beautiful and had always hated my body, but seeing my stomach grow and feeling that life inside me really changed the way I looked at myself. I had the most incredible birth and from the moment he came into this world I feel totally at peace with myself. I have such an overwhelming respect for what we go through as women. The endurance and strength we find deep down in ourselves, not just in pregnancy but in loss too. Being a mother to James has taught me the biggest lessons in who I am, what I am capable of and what I want. He has shown me deeper love than I could ever imagine and also unimaginable patience. If anything he has slowed me down (even though Im working 7 days) and opened my eyes wider than I ever thought possible.