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A Little Chat with Karla Rose


In our next instalment of our journal, we interview Karla Rose: Co-founder and Director of Zulu & Zephyr and Millk, partner to Ben (graphic designer and creator of Sunday Supply} and mother of Mini and Ru on her skin rituals and how she remains grounded as a mother. 

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What do you keep on your bathroom shelf?

As a busy mama I keep it to a bare minimun. You’ll find Josh Rosebrook cleanser on my shower shelf, Mukti Vital A Elixir, Dermaviduals SPF 30 and Base Cream on the counter.

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Take us through your morning skincare ritual.

I’d love to say that I find time to Gua Sha and massage but the truth is, I’d be lucky to slap on my SPF 30, Base Cream and some tinted moisturiser before I’m on the run. I do love a Gua Sha and will find a moment before bed to spoil myself.

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What do you do before bed to feel grounded and restful?

I always go to bed cleansed and bare. I try to find time to Gua Sha some oils into my skin every other evening (kids permitting). I try to meditate a few hours before bed time and will often listen to a podcast whilst drifting off.

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Can you share with us any other rituals of self-care?

My go to feel-good is being out in nature — it honestly is therapy that I couldn’t put a price on. Feeling the sun on my bare skin, soaking up those Vit-D’s, swimming in the real salty ocean and listening to the sounds of nature.

Karla Rose making coffee
On a day when you are considering your health and have time to prepare your meals, what do you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Slow cooked oatmeal with coconut milk, hemp seeds and organic raspberries is a daily staple for breakfast in our home — I crave this even though I have it over &  over. Lunch would be celery, avocado & lime juice on some kind of simple bread — we love sourdough (the real stuff!) or almond road brand. Dinner is a thrown together bowl of goodness — sunflower sprouts, nuts, seeds, sauerkraut, tempe, broccolini… YUM.

Self-care is a process of discovery, a learning by trial and error of what works for you. Can you share a valuable lesson you have learned so far?

I think every moment that has taken me up until this point in my life has been the lesson as a whole. And the underlying teaching is that we are always evolving and what you do/is working for you today will likely be different to what you'll be doing over the years to come. And that’s the beauty of knowing better and doing better.

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How do you achieve balance in the everyday?

I am a real do-er and not so much of a be-er. So learning to surrender to today without being stuck in the mindset of tomorrow has been a real process. The key for me is switching off and being present. Be it with my kids and switching off from work, being at work and switching off from my family or taking a moment to myself and realllly, realllllly enjoying and appreciating that moment — even if it is just 20 minutes.

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Karla Rose applying beauty products
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