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Chemical vs Physical sunscreens? Not sure and never asked?

At Little Company we are committed to empowering our Little Community with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions when cultivating & caring for your skin.

The age-old notion of SPF is still paramount for protecting the skin year round. However, when arming yourself with sun defence it is important to weigh up physical and chemical sunscreens.


Physical Sunscreen

A physical sunscreen; often referred to as a physical blocker creates a barrier on the skin which reflects UV rays. The 2 most common ingredients used in physical sunscreens are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide - look for these in your skin care.

These natural minerals are not only going to reflect UVA and UVB rays making it a broad spectrum SPF,  they are also anti-inflammatory.

Chemical Sunscreen

A chemical sunscreen contains UV absorbing chemicals, the most common ones being oxybenzone and avobenzone that filter and reduce UV radiation.

The ingredients in chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin tissues. When exposed to the sun, your skin absorbs the UV rays and neutralizes them. There are a few downfalls to your skin absorbing UV radiation, it can cause heat within the skin creating inflammation and also creates a lot of free radicals which can start to cause damage to healthy cells.

What about SPF RatingWhat is the difference between a 30+ and 50+ sunscreen?

A 30+ sunscreen which is what a physical sunscreen goes up to, giving you 97.3% protection against UV Radiation.

A 50+ sunscreen needs some type of chemical sunblock ingredient to make it a 50+ which will give you 97.8% protection. While a chemical sunscreen is slightly higher, it can also be contributing to a lot of damage within the skin.

At Little Company we always recommend a physical SPF for sun protection, you are protected as soon as you apply it to your skin and it naturally helps with inflammation.


We look to Josh Rosebrook as our SPF skin saviour.

The Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30+ is a natural broad-spectrum sunscreen and regenerating moisturiser containing nourishing ingredients like avocado and evening primrose oil to give skin ample hydration.

Also available tinted, the sheer glow and sun protection makes it your multi-tasking go-to for everyday wear.