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A Little Chat with Lisa Sorgini


Australian photographer Lisa Sorgini finds the beauty in the ordinary, exploring the serenity of the urban environment. Documenting trips with her son Ari and partner Seb through Oman by 4x4 or capturing her daily life bathing in the local rivers and beaches of Byron Bay, Lisa's photo's transport you to another world exploring new concepts of beauty. Lisa's lens capturing stolen moments of everyday life in the instantly recognisable 'Sorgini' romance.

We sat down with to chat about skincare and wellness with Lisa in her beautiful home in Golden Beach.

Words & Images by Bobby Clark

What do you keep on your bathroom shelf?

Sun Juice  
Nuori eye cream
Sodashi Balance moisturiser
Everyday oil

Take us through your morning skincare ritual.

This can be different any day of the week depending on how much time I have.
On an average day, it would be pretty basic, moisturiser and Sun Juice for sun protection and nice light coverage.

What does your before bed regime look like?

I have been trying to make sure I am not on phone / social media 1 hour before bed and found that it makes a huge difference to my sleep.
I also have a Magnesium drink with dinner each night (By Ethical Nutrients) to help relax my body and mind.

Can you share with us any other rituals of self-care?

Having a young child and running my own business means that I have had to make sure I factor in regular time for myself to avoid a total meltdown.

This can be anything from walking on the beach alone, calling a friend for a long overdue chat, meditation or something as simple as going for a coffee and reading the paper.

On a day when you are considering your health and have time to prepare your meals, what do you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast  -
I am rubbish at having breakfast and have been trying to get better because I know how important it is. Have been making chia puddings with seasonal fruit or Brookfarm gluten free muesli and always a coffee.

Lunch -
Might be an omelette with lots of herbs and Silverbeet with salad.

Dinner -

My favourite thing to make at the moment as it is so hot, for a quick and healthy dinner is rice paper rolls packed with tofu, and lots of veg and herbs.

Self-care is a process of discovery, learning by trial and error of what works for you. Can you share a valuable lesson you have learned so far?

The most valuable thing I have learnt, I think, is that no one can make that time for you but yourself and that repetition creates routine for healthy habits.

It is so easy to constantly fill your plate and create bad habits of having an excessively busy life but this is not sustainable for happiness and balance.