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Q&A with Mukti Organics Founder.

As a pioneer of green cosmetic chemistry, Mukti believes in all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free skincare. Based on those ideals, she created Mukti Organics, a holistic beauty brand situated in the lush Sunshine Coast hinterland. 

Falling perfectly in line with LTCO's living skin philosophy, Mukti Organics offers 100% natural, plant-based, and certified organic skincare products, the newest addition to our online Skin Shop.

Introducing Mukti Organics.

The Mukti Organics mission is to reconnect people back to nature by creating healthy lifestyles and beauty routines. Inspired by Nature™, Mukti products consist of only the finest quality ingredients from sustainable, ethical, and organic sources. 

Their certified organic formulations contain bioactive Australian native ingredients brimming with an abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals which are essential for the nourishment and regeneration of skin cells. 

Independent certification by COSMOS and ACO assure that all Mukti products have been produced in a manner that's ecologically sustainable and harmonious. Each ingredient is grown and harvested ethically and minimally so that the integrity of the plant is maintained, delivering potency, quality, and ultimately, visible results. 

Mukti Organics also ultilses biophotonic violet glass packaging to protect their formulations by filtering out harmful rays of light. The products contain minimal preservation, since biophotonic glass already maintains and preserves the formulations over an extended period.

Mukti products are also certified vegan and cruelty free, they do not test on animals, or include any ingredients that are tested on animals in their products.

Introducing Founder, Mukti.

Eco-activist and green cosmetic chemistry pioneer Mukti, has been involved in the beauty industry for more than two decades. An apothecary artisan at heart, Mukti has truly mastered the art of dynamic, organic, and natural skincare products.
At LTCO, we admire how Mukti embraces a toxin-free, organic lifestyle. Read below our excerpt from the Glow Journal's podcast about Mukti's early life and the path that led her to founding Mukti Organics. You can listen to the full interview now on iTunes and Spotify.

A Q&A with Mukti.

Mukti's company is a lifestyle brand as much as it is a beauty brand. Mukti explains that her "holistic way of life and living embraces the principles of an organic lifestyle.” 

Growing up in the countryside, Mukti always felt a connection with the outdoors. She says, "My happiest moments were spent in the garden. For me, I’ve always felt happiness in nature.

Because of that special relationship, Mukti was always interested in plant medicine. “I started studying at a young age and ended up studying naturopathy first, then acupuncture. When I was in college I started doing the remedial therapies section of study first, and then I started working with people in a massage sense doing a lot of remedial therapies and working one-on-one with people. That’s how my passion for natural therapies began.”

With a lawyer for a father, Mukti always thought she would follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer, too. However, it was actually her mother's influence that ended up shaping her career.

Mukti explains, “My mother was a model and I always looked up to her. I remember her getting ready for fashion parades and she was always putting on her face. She was very conscious about how she looked. She used to feed us bread with nuts and seeds. We’d go to school with that, and I’d look at the other girls with their white bread jam sandwiches and was always a bit jealous. I grew up with a health-conscious mother who was always concerned about her visual appearance, so I was conscious about that as well.”

While in school, a friend from Byron Bay further encouraged Mukti's health-conscious lifestyle. “I went to boarding school and one of my friends introduced me to a brand [that] was aloe vera based, and I loved it. She introduced me to smashed avocado. It was a long time ago," she laughs. "I remember thinking, ‘This is lovely. There’s something really nutritious about this food.’ It made me feel great. I think that all tied in to me having an interest in alternative or natural products.”

Later on in life, Mukti and her husband moved back to the countryside to start their family. Coincidentally, this is also when the idea of creating Mukti Organics was born. "We moved to the country when I was pregnant, and we moved into a permaculture community where everyone was making mud-brick houses. I set up a co-op there, where everyone could bring their produce so we could use that as a community base for people to swap their food out."

"After Kiyana was born, I was given an opportunity to work in a guest lodge in Maleny, the township. The other woman who I worked with would do the massage and I would do the facial component. I would often get asked, ‘What products are you using?’"

And that's when Mukti had an epiphany."I thought, ‘I’m offering a service. Why don’t I offer a product as well?'"

Armed only with her knowledge of plant medicine and aromatherapy, Mukti underestimated how difficult starting her own skincare brand would be. “It was a little more challenging than I’d first anticipated,” explains Mukti. “I thought, ‘If I can get a cleanser, toner and moisturiser that’s steps 1, 2 and 3, then I can grow from there."

After the initial idea, Mukti worked tirelessly to develop her products and a brand that embodied her holistic approach to life and beauty. “It was all trial and error, and there was no one to turn to. It was a bit of a lonely path. At this stage, I was still living in the permaculture community, so I moved into the township of Maleny because I realised I would need somewhere where I could send and receive the products. I started the business there. At that stage it was still a home-based business, and I was selling at the Eumundi Markets.”

Success at the markets led to a steady and growing business. Mukti started gaining loyal customers who sparked a demand for more and more organic skincare products.

“I was doing 16-hour days," Mukti divulges. "But I was loving what I was doing. I’m so passionate about it. I think it’s really good, when you start something, because you’ve got to do everything yourself and then you appreciate it. Even today, every aspect of the business I know and understand, because I’ve done it all."

Fast forward a few years, through the challenge of raising her daughter and her business, and Mukti Organics is now a successful beauty brand that inspires us to live more organically and holistically every day. 

So why are all-natural products so important to Mukti? She explains, "To me, it just makes sense. The body and the cellular makeup of plants is very similar to our own, so we have a natural affinity. We can utilise those components of natural products, and we expel what we don’t need."

"When it comes to plants, you’ve got antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, a plethora of constituents that are basically food for the skin. Harnessing those in the correct formula is part of the journey. For me, it just made sense to use plant medicine. That’s all our ancestors had.”

(You can listen to the rest of the Glow Journal's interview now on iTunes and Spotify.) 

Mukti Organics in the LTCO Skin Shop.

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At LTCO, we believe in knowing exactly what we're feeding our skin, and are excited to welcome a focused selection of Mukti Organics 100% plant-based, certified organic products to the LTCO Skin Shop. Shop Mukti online here now >