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Introducing our New Custom LED Meditations with A — Space.

Combining skincare and meditation is part of Little Company's unique 'living skin' philosophy. This month, we sat down with Little Company founder, Stacey Burt, to learn more about her thoughts on LED light therapy and meditation, and how they both naturally boost the skin's overall health and glow. 

Stacey also gives us a sneak peek into the two new meditations now available in LTCO Light Lounges, created by A — Space (our favourite meditation studio in Melbourne).

How does mindfulness tie in with skincare?

"We take a holistic approach to skin, including the mind," explains Stacey. "Unfortunately, people are so short on time these days that they forget to sit back, relax and take some time out for themselves."

"It's so important to hit pause, take a moment to reset and become aware of what's happening in the mind. Practicing mindfulness allows us a release; we can let go of anything causing stress, allowing the body to focus on other things - such as healing the skin and generating new cells."

Why are Little Company's LED meditations different?

All of Little Company’s LED meditations were created by Manoj of A — Space. Stacey and Little Company feel that his meditations are particularly special, and hope that all of LTCO's clients can experience them.

"Manoj's delivery is what makes our LED meditations so deeply nourishing," says Stacey. "He understands the importance of providing a carefully curated experience."

"His voice is soothing, and the structure of the meditations are paired with the light experience in mind."

LTCO welcomes two new LED meditations to the Light Lounge.

— Space has created two new LED meditations for Little Company's Light Lounge. Each one has a different focus, yet enhances the LED treatment experience. 

The first meditation uses a yoga nidra technique, which allows you to reach a deeply relaxed state, while the other meditation is a body scan, focusing on mindful awareness of bodily sensations.

The effects of LED meditation. 

Meditating can help to reduce stress and anxiety and can boost your mood, and it has been proven that a healthy, happy mind leads to healthy, glowing skin.
Frequent LED light therapy coupled with meditation is one of the best ways you can nourish your skin from within. 

Stacey personally likes to complete a one-month course of LED light therapy and meditation once per season. All of the LTCO therapists also have weekly Light Lounge sessions scheduled into their calendars.

Stacey's LED meditation results.

"After completing an LED meditation course, the feeling of my skin was the most noticeable change. As it's working on promoting healthy cells, you notice a big difference when the skin is functioning really well," says Stacey.

"I don’t really notice my imperfections when the skin is in good health."

"The A — Space meditations also provide such a nice ritual. I have been able to schedule a weekly time where my senses are isolated, and I have 20 minutes where I am not distracted. This is healthy for my mind and my skin!" 

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