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One of the core beliefs and values behind Little Company is to educate and empower clients through their skin health journey. When our choices stem from a place of knowledge and self-awareness, our routines and rituals become moments that support, strengthen, nourish, and connect.

We recently sat down with a few of our Living Skin therapists to uncover their most commonly asked skin questions. From rosacea and acne to pigmentation and dryness, discover how our team treats certain skin conditions, what lifestyle tips they recommended to our clients, and what ingredients and/or products they recommend to support optimal skin health.


Anti-inflammatory is key – in this case, focusing on ‘what-not-to-do’ as the first point of call. Avoid inflammatory triggers such as excessive heat, acidic foods and drinks, skin-care products and/or tools and techniques that use overly strong actives, harsh abrasive scrubs or stripping/foaming cleansers. Further, avoiding in-clinic treatments that work too much against the skin such as strong peels, exfoliation and microdermabrasion.

Then, it’s about re-building with a range of skincare products and internals that will support skin strength while actively reducing redness and inflammation within the epidermal layer of the skin.

In terms of active ingredients, look towards Vitamin B3, Zinc, and a quality Vitamin A. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is a powerful anti-inflammatory active which helps to strengthen skin resilience. Zinc offers SPF protection and has anti-inflammatory properties, plus it’s a natural/organic sunscreen filter so reactive/sensitive skins like rosacea-prone skin will often respond positively to it.

The Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir 
is an essential addition for all skin types, especially skin suffering from Rosacea. It is designed to rejuvenate skin, enhancing clarity and luminosity.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a super, multitasking vitamin that has been shown to strengthen the skin and address a plethora of conditions. Combined with native Australian extracts of Kakadu Plum, Native Pomegranate, Mountain Pepper Berry this elixir works wonders to combat dryness, balance sebum production, increase collagen and decrease pigmentation.

Long-term Vitamin A really helps treat Rosacea, but in the beginning, we would always focus on strengthening the skin and build up to this gradually (NOTE: The Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital A Elixir is a gentle derivative – as opposed to Retinol or Retinoic Acid) designed to suit even the most sensitive skin. We have never seen an adverse reaction in the Studio with this serum.

Always apply a spritzer or face mist pre application of elixirs and treatment oils for the most effective delivery method of active ingredients. These act as a carrier and will pull the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum results and retention. The Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator is a combination hydrator, toner, and a light moisturiser all in one. By naturally filling cells with structured aloe water the Hydrating Accelerator assists to plump, firm, and increase circulation of vital plant actives.

When choosing a cleanser, it is best to choose one that will support the skin's barrier function. The MV Gentle Cream Cleanser is perfect for Rosacea-prone skin that is dry or sand-papery in texture. The Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse is also a great option as it is pH balanced making it great for this skin type, as it’s often in an alkaline state (we want the skin to be slightly acidic at all times for that protective acid mantle to be effective and strong).

The MV Signature Mineral Mask with pure white Kaolin Clay gently refines and exfoliates the skin by softening the stratum corneum and sloughing away any redundant skin cells, rather than abrading its surface. It assists in our skins natural desquamation, speeding up the cellular turnover naturally. It also reduces redness almost instantly – cooling and calming the skin beautifully. We recommended adding the MV Signature Mineral Mask into your skin care routine 3-4 times per week for at least 6 weeks. 

LED Light is so helpful in the treatment of rosacea for the wound-healing response it initiates within the skin.


As with many skin concerns, it is important to treat all types of acne with a holistic approach whereby the condition is treated and managed from the inside out. This can be done through a combination of both internals, external prescriptions and a series of LED sessions. The goal is to reduce inflammation within the body and the skin, as well as support the body's detoxifying processes. There are many reasons why someone could be experiencing acne, so we already love our clients to work with a Naturopath in these cases to best support their internal environment.

For those experiencing oily skin, rough texture and blackhead congestion, we recommend softening the skin at home with the MV Signature Mineral Mask for at least a month before introducing any further, intensive exfoliation. A nice long compress and gentle extractions (where needed) are great at helping to clear and decongest the skin. Within our LTCO facials, we tailor the facial to include a MV Purifying and Balancing Mineral Mask which includes green clay to help draw any excess oil or impurities from the skin. We like to finish with a balancing moisturiser.

Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir is also important when treating acne as it strengthens and rebuilds the acid mantle, tightens laxed pores, reduces inflammation, and helps regulate oil flow. 

Woman with mineral mask

For more inflamed, irritated, red, or perhaps even pustular acne, our approach is much more conservative; focusing on soothing and reducing inflammation first and foremost. We gently soften the skin, perhaps with the MV Signature Mineral Mask while in the space, and follow up with another treatment that works to calm and strengthen the skin. LED Light Therapy can also be a great modality to initiate a wound-healing response in impaired and broken skin as it prevents scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation once breakouts have begun to heal.

To support skin internally, the MegaOmega Algae Oil Omega-3 helps to produce higher quality sebum and liquifies thick unhealthy sebum. This reduces congestion along with locking in cytoplasm (hydration) within cells, assisting in the healing process. 


In the case of pigmentation, the skin needs to be detoxified, brightened, and protected. The treatment plan generally involves a range of internals and skincare that includes antioxidants and UV protection, in combination with a series of LED sessions.

Generally, the best prevention method long-term is the use of an organic sunscreen with actives such as Zinc Oxide as these actives are anti-inflammatory. So if the skin is presenting with an inflammation-driven pigment condition such as Melasma, it can be really supportive for the skin overall. SPF is the best friend of any pigmentation client.

Vitamin B and Vitamin C are also incredible actives to include within your skincare when treating and managing pigmentation. Vitamin B helps to suppress pigmentation long-term and Vitamin C helps to prevent oxidation (the darkening of skin cells) as well as helps to brighten, lift and fade pigment that has already surfaced. We recommend the Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir and the Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir to any client experiencing pigmentation.

The Mukti Age Defiance Day Serum and Mukti Age Defiance Night Serum are also great products to treat and support skin experiencing pigmentation. They both have a blend of active peptides that target pigmentation.

Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir and the Mukti Vitamin Booster Vital C Elixir


Dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking water, and thus the treatment plan generally involves a range of internals, such as EFA's and skincare products that include water-binding properties, such as Hyaluronic Acids. Additionally, it is advised to exfoliate to aid in the desquamation processes and avoid products that may strip the skin.

Dry skin however is skin that is lacking sebum or oil, and thus the treatment plan generally involves a range of internals, such as EFA's and skincare products that boost oil content within the skin, such as nourishing oils and balms. Additionally, it is advised to exfoliate regularly to aid in the desquamation processes and avoid products that may strip the skin.


SPF is the number one product for age-prevention. Everyone should think of SPF as their best friend. Not only does it protect the skin against sunburn (and subsequent sun damage/pigmentation) but also against collagen breakdown, loss of elasticity and volume. 

If you are experiencing an increase in fine lines, especially around the eye area, it is important to note that fine lines can be attributed to dehydration more than anything, so looking for a day moisturiser and night-time oil that are best-suited to your skin is imperative – sometimes, a Hyaluronic Acid serum can work well to give the skin a big drink of water, and other times the eye area requires something more specific. The Mukti Age Defiance Eye Serum is packed with peptides that hydrate and firm the delicate eye area. The skin around our eyes is more vulnerable to fine lines appearing, not because the skin is *different*, but rather, it has less supportive/connective tissue in that subcutaneous layer, to maintain volume as we age.

LED LightStim

LED Light Therapy is a beautiful, non-invasive modality that we choose to use with our facials at Little Co, for its benefits to the ageing process. It works to stimulate collagen synthesis at a deep, dermal level, and re-energises skin cells so they function more optimally. We’ve got the LED Light Lounge (before treatments OR as a stand-alone treatment), the option for LED within our Remedy Facials, OR the hand-held LED Light for home-use – the beauty of LED is that you really can’t OD on it, as well… in fact, results are accumulative, so; the more, the merrier! We usually advise a Light Lounge at least twice per week if you’re coming in for a Session Pack. And then, boosting your facial each visit; ideally every 4-6 weeks, or seasonally at minimum.


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