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Rediscovering our Natural Intelligence by Natasha Mason


Natasha Mason - mother, meditation teacher, educator, healer and creator.


Nature is always doing her best to support the best possible experience for us. Nature wants us to experience abundance in all forms and connection to ourselves, others and the natural world. Nature wants us to grow and evolve to our most infinite potential. Nature wants us to know, and feel, that we belong to this world.

The same way nature simply “knows what to do” - for example, you don’t see one tree asking another tree in which direction it should grow - so do humans. It’s just that over our time of growing up, we’ve had to traverse the thoughts, beliefs and values of everyone and everything around us - starting with our family, through to our teachers, friends, extended family, colleagues and so forth. At some point in our lives, we forget what we are…and it becomes only about who we are.

You might not have thought about this before, but each and every human being has an extraordinary natural intelligence. I’m not talking about intellect or IQ. I’m talking about an inner compass, or 'personal guidance system’, that knows what to do and where to move next, at every single moment. This is also called our intuition, something that is often misinterpreted as being only afforded to a select few.

So, how do we go about rediscovering this abundant, expansive, “full of infinite potential”, natural intelligence? Which when accessed, will give rise to flow, creativity, and success in all areas of our lives?

We must first understand the nature of the mind. The mind is primary, and is responsible for not only the state of our physical wellbeing, but also our emotional, social and mental wellbeing. The mind drives everything we say, think, feel and do. It’s a common misconception that our thoughts change our world but in fact, it’s our awareness (also known as our consciousness) that will change our world.

If we were to imagine ourselves as a vehicle, then the mind is the engine. The same way engines in cars are made up of a number of different components, so too is the mind. For example, thinking and focusing are two functions of the mind (I talk thoroughly about ‘the layered mind’ in my 3-day meditation course). And what is it that fuels the functions of the mind - as fuel does for an engine? A well rested body.

The way we get a well rested body, is through a well rested mind.

When we begin to practice twice daily mediation, we start to dissolve the additional stressors on our bodies. This refuelling allows our mind (aka our ‘engine’) to work smoothly and efficiently. Put simply - when a car is out of fuel, it ain't going anywhere. The engine can no long be utilised - and when likened back to the mind, it cannot make decisions from a deep level of awareness. Instead, what we think, say, feel and do, becomes inherently reactive.

With a regular meditation practice, we can begin to rediscover this natural intelligence and reveal the powerful force field that we are. When we deepen our awareness and shift our consciousness, all of our relationships depend and strengthen, including first and foremost, the one we have with ourselves. 

This is the most important work we can do, as knowing ourselves means we can gain clarity on what it is that drives us and fulfils us, which in turn allows us to know what it is we are here to do.

I teach a 3-day Learn to Meditate course which upon completion, will leave you a self-sufficient daily meditator. The technique I teach is effortless in its approach, yet powerful in its effect. The course is suitable for all levels of experience with meditation. You can read more about The Effortless Technique, what’s covered in my Learn to Meditate course, find my next ‘Introduction to Meditation’ talk, book in for a complimentary 1:1 discovery call, as well as view upcoming course dates at


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