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The Power of Water-Based Hydration


Written by Tash Havos

As we wave goodbye to our summer months, we welcome a new season. Whilst we’ve relished the vitamin D, increased energy and time for play, there’s something about shifting to cooler months that feels particularly nourishing.

One sure thing is, for each time we transition seasons–particularly from Summer to Autumn­–is the common skin conditions that arise as a result of environmental change. Particularly in Autumn, the most common skin impairment is fragility of the barrier, presenting in symptoms such as dryness, sensitivity, and tired-looking skin. The damages that occur in these types of conditions go beyond lack of moisture; pathways are created for free radicals such as pollution and other external aggravators to enter, causing inflammation, sensitivity and redness. 

During the transition, we encourage you to keep things simple. Cream cleansers with nourishing botanicals are full of restorative oils to protect your acid mantle. Take your time with this step. Massage the skin. This action helps to increase blood flow and encourages the elimination of toxins. Invest in an antioxidant rich moisturiser–hopefully in the form of an oil–to ensure your skin is receiving adequate nutrients in a time of dependence.

A critical part of our skincare routine is ensuring we have enough water-based hydration for our cells. Perhaps it’s overlooked because it’s not a luxurious feeling to put aqueous solutions on the face–they tend to disappear before you’ve even noticed, and they hardly have a scent to breathe in and enjoy. However, they are vital in ensuring our cells are replenished after temperature shifts can single-handedly strip our moisture barrier, creating gaps and drawing out moisture from the skin. Usually, adding one drop or a few spritz of these aqueous solutions into your skincare routine can assist in rebuilding your skin’s resilience to the environmental stressors, as well as calming redness and irritation.

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Our tip for applying water-based products is always to keep your skin slightly damp on application. Apply your oil or moisturiser almost directly after to assist with absorption of product.

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